Sunday, 11 May 2014

'Lew'sing Respect. But I'm Back

My intention was to finish my Clapton Ramble last missive and simply turn up and just enjoy the festivities at Leyton Orient, maybe even down a Tyskie or 2 with the Wife's blessing, however recent events have left me just itching to get back on the keyboard and make a comment. Finished my last post with a reworking of 'This Land is your Land', currently looking to reword 'Send In the Clowns', such is the debacle from the shambolic 'Circus Upstairs'.
Hard to comprehend exactly what the current 'Powers To Be' are up to but their handling of the whole affair has been yet again amateurish and lacking any sort of class. You would have thought they would have at least learnt some lessons from the sustained backlash to Neil's sacking, but no, the're at it again and unbelievably making even more of a pigs ear if that were possible. I myself am a new convert to the phenomenon of 'Social Media' but quite clearly it is something that needs to be treated with respect if you don't want ill conceived comments coming back to bite you . Along with interested 'Football Newspapers' I watched with interest as ridiculously patronising 'Tweets' came from the 'New Club Management', ok I buy the fact that everyone is entitled to an opinion but to stir up a 'Hornets Nest' and then retract all your comments smacks of at best naivety and at worst stupidity. Similar actions from the other half of the 'Dynamic Duo' last time they went public with their opinions but certain parties got wise and the incriminating words were recorded for all to see. It's a sterling quality of those that care about this Club that they won't give the 'Puppet Dictatorship' an easy ride, their own ethics smack of 'Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity' not words easily associated to the current regime. 
Not just the Fans and 'Ex Management' who have had their say either, the players clearly not happy and have expressed their feelings in no uncertain terms. When you consider that there is no doubt the 'New Management' will take this personally, this is a very brave stance but typical of the principled bunch of players that Chris and Neil have assembled and the mutual Loyalty and Respect which is there for all interested parties to see. Managers from other Clubs also publically voicing their disapproval of the conduct of individuals representing Clapton FC so can't just say it's a case of certain individuals stirring it-condemnation seems pretty much universal and a poor reflection on 'My Club'
Oh well , sometimes nice to have a little rant on a Sunday morning, have applied for the 'Fan on the Field' competition for next weeks game, so it's back on the exercise bike and polishing the old brown leather boots just in case-will dedicate any goal to Chris and Neil just in case the 'Impossible Dream materialises.
One last Time- Come On You 'Real' Tons

11th May 2014
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