Monday, 3 November 2014

Quick Quick Slow

Last Saturday’s hammering at the hands of FC Romania was a disappointing result, for sure.  Our lads did their best, but were beaten by the better side on the day. The atmosphere in the ground was, as ever, superb and there was no reason for me to go home, sulk, kick the cat or even insist on watching a Dad's Army repeat in place of Mrs Listz's favourite, "Strictly". I remain optimistic but I am not dancing.

In a previous blog I said that results are not important to Clapton FC at this time.  That blog was written when the team were doing well and some thought it was designed to undermine the results achieved by the team management.  So, after a couple of poor results, I re-iterate what I said.  We lost a couple of games of football and, in the greater scheme of things, it means nothing at all.

That is not to say that there no signs on the field that worry me as a supporter of the team.  As well as the departure of some good players and the return of Godfrey Obobe etc, which I covered previously, I am disappointed at hearing calls to sack Mike Walther. Despite Mike aligning himself with Vince's regime rather than the fans and placing his personal ambition above his loyalty to Chris Wood, his sacking is not the immediate answer just because we might have to suffer a few bad results.  The bigger picture is the future of the club, and we must remain focused on that.

It could be that Vince will eventually sack the Mike despite the loyalty that has been shown to him as it is evident that Vince has made every attempt to unsettle the relationship between the fans and the team since the sacking of Neil Day last season.  This could be his next move and, if I was Mike, the installation of Godfrey (inevitably by Vince) would not rest easy with me if I was thinking about my security of tenure in the manager's seat.

The one constant is the loyalty of many of the players. But do you think their loyalty is to Vince or Mike?  Or is it to the fans who cheer them for 95 minutes every match?  As they say "it's a no-brainer".  Therefore, as followers of Clapton FC we must continue to support the team, despite the results, good and bad, and judging by the incessant support for the throughout last Saturday's heavy defeat, I am in no doubt that the fans will deliver.

The 'bigger picture' is certainly worth waiting for.  I have seen the documents recently released via the real Clapton FC website and whilst I am not totally surprised, I am disappointed, no, angry, that the Football Association, Essex Senior League and London FA have stood by and let this happen to our great old club and then fortify it's continuance. Read the documents, its quite a tale!

I imagine that very soon some people might have to explain themselves and, on the basis of the treachery that those documents expose, I am even more confident that one day, very soon, we will have our club back.

When that happens, I'll be dancing.

Lew Listz
4th November 2014

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