Thursday, 14 August 2014

More Team and Supporter Interaction

Having put last week's events at Haringey fully behind me, I arrived at the Dog last Tuesday  keen to see how the team would react to some of the criticism levelled at them, and the team management, over the weekend.

First off, what about the turnstiles! Couple that with the new kit and bench gear and it looks as if Vince is making an effort to try make it look like the club is being properly run.  Not sure that I am Con-Vinced (sic).  However, it makes a change from others having to lump out for stuff or, as we did last season, playing a full term with an old away kit.

During the match there were a lot of encouraging signs and, despite Sporting Bengal being very, very ordinary opposition indeed, the team did enough to nick the three points, thanks to Ike's solitary strike.

Perhaps the most encouraging sign was that, despite the idiocy in the change of team management, the 'oiks' in the Scaffold remain solidly behind the Clapton team.  In return the players responded when, following our goal, they ran to the 'Scaff' to celebrate.
Undoubtedly many of the players value the support they receive, which is unique at our level.  Even the team manager appeared to show some interest in interacting, whilst 'Vince's Man', the Director of Football' continues to do very little to endear himself to the fans. It's his loss and I had to laugh about the 'Neil and Chris' chant.  I fear he is just keeping their seat warm until the inevitable happens.

Curiously, the new coach, Stuart Purcell, was missing from the bench.  Any ideas why?
On to Saturday now and a very interesting clash with Bowers and Pitsea.  They have started  well, have a new manager and stuck four goals past Hullbridge during the week.  However, it's eleven against eleven and provided our players remain intent on pleasing the crowd and being a part of the atmosphere that the supporters bring to the game, then it should be a good match.

Recently there has been more speculation as to who I actually am.   I know that Neil Day was mistakenly thought to be me, hence his sacking and, Mr Croft, you weren't even close.  Safe to say that I am a fan.  After many years of seeing my team in the doldrums, I am encouraged by what I now see happening, and am hopeful for the future of Clapton FC.

One last point, whilst Vince and his entourage (including his team management) have adopted some kind of siege mentality, surely as supporters, who pay our admission fee, we should be entitled to know more about the players/team. We are one of the only grounds at our level who do not have a team board on which team sheets are published before the game.  A good start would be to sort this out as a first step to showing appreciation and encouraging the involvement of the fans.

So, Fans, Ultras and Players - keep it up.
Team Management - Stop Sucking Lemons.
Vince - Time to go.

14th August 2014
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